Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jim Moore - Vaillant ecoMax Seal & Valve Faults - Dangerous Fire Hazard

Dear Jim,

Our ecoMax set fire to the side of the house, the evening before Good Friday.

We controlled the fire before it reached the gas main..

The fire brigade, the emergency gas man, the fitter, the Vaillant emergency call out man and independent Vaillant experts have all said
"this was a Dangerous fault and have not seen this sort of boiler failure before". Had it happened when we were in bed, we'd be toast"

Vaillant knew it was faulty! yet they relied on the customer to find the fault, at the customers cost, instead of a national recall.

"..Vaillant ecoMAX and ecoTEC boilers produced before April 2006 are at Risk" 

"...the silicon seal could degrade over time to the point where heat can escape into the boiler inner casing. 
If left for an extended period without attention, this can result in distortion of the burner door and / or plastic components internally within the boiler being damaged through overheating"

Vaillant NEED to dissect this boiler and find out why the Safety Measures Did Not Work.

I contact Vaillant though the normal channels and I am getting nowhere, being fobbed off with the usual script "Did you have it serviced? No, then its your own fault" 

Why didn't Vaillant replace our Seals?. 
We had enough letters and calls trying to sell us Services plans, not one said "You Must have it serviced because it's faulty and dangerous"

Who knows how many of these are in circulation that have never been serviced and have the potential to do serious damage to both property and indeed life.

We are still without a boiler, we have yet to hear from anyone from Vaillant who is concerned and willing to help us replace it.

I am asking you to help us and help the current owners of the ecoMax who's lives could be in jeopardy.

What Needs to be Done...

# Release a public statement to all owners of this boiler that they Must have the seals replaced ASAP free of charge.
Vaillant replace our dangerous boiler and arrange immediate fitting.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.