Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

And that is all I have to say on the matter, hic!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Only a Week to Go

So far there are many rumblings and whispers about what will be seen at next weeks CES.

From 4GB Micro drives to DirecTV for mobile phones, Blue-Ray DVD Burners, Wifi Camera's,

I have had my invitations for a couple of the Keynote Speeches,
Larry Page, co founder of Google and Howard Stringer top man at Sony.

To type a little faster than using the built in keyboard, I have ordered a BT Folding Keyboard from Expansys to help me write my blog. Made by Think Outside, the Stowaway BT Keyboard and Optical Mouse (yep it really does come with a Mouse, for a PDA) should do the Job, and stop my fingers from tingling.

Monday, December 26, 2005

That's Christmas over with

That's Christmas over with
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Oh dear, children really shouldn't eat so many sweets and chocolates. It really does turn them into mini psyco's.

How parents who always give their kids sweets stay sane, I will never know. But the difference in my two was terrifying.

We visited family and came to realise that giving gifts to adults is a waste of time.

Nobody should give in order to receive, but you go to all the trouble of finding what you hope are suitable gifts for everyone. Then, it turns out that you are obviously not worth the same effort (to some)

No one wants a last minute gift grabbed from the nearest gas station. Box of crap chocolates and a bunch of wilted flowers.

"Why not throw in a bag of coal and a litre of multigrade?"
I want people to at least think about me in advance!

Christmas is not about the act of giving, it's about the act of considered giving.
Erm... and its about the baby Jesus too ( so I have heard).

Who wants a plastic twirling usless thing worth less than a quid?. Save your money or give it to charity. Don’t waste it buying crap no one wants or needs.

We got a great gift from 2 friends of ours, (Andy & Ann - thanks ;) it was from a website called it allowed them to buy a Charity gift FROM us for us!

What I mean is they bought Honey Bees that would be given to a Third World family to farm their own Honey. Really, I'm not kidding.

When this family makes a success of their venture, they give a few Bees to someone else in need of them, and give away or trade surplus Honey.

Seems like a much better idea to me than wasting your money on unwanted tat.

Well, that’s my moan over with. Something to think about.

Maybe there are other sites that do a similar thing. Let me know.

So this means, No gifts next year folks. Well the kiddies can get all the usual gifts and treats, I'm not a Monster, but once they hit 16, they can have the Bees.

Have a wicked New Year.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

CES Las Vegas January 4th - 11th 2006

Yes I will be there. It is all booked and confirmed.

I will be writing a Mobile Blog using my trusty XDA 2s Pictures and information of all the latest Gadgets from the Worlds Biggest and Best Consumer Electronics Show.

I am very excited and during the run up I will be adding short tests and bits of info to the run up.

Bookmark this site and tell your friends.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year


Friday, November 11, 2005

Why Men Buy Gadgets

I am male and my theory goes like this:

"There are three stages of a males life,

The First stage (Early Years) is when he sees things he wants, like a Telescope for plotting the stars, or a Pool Table for playing Pool... He wants them, lusts after them, but is far too young to be able to afford them. So he hints to others to buy these things for him (Wishing he really didn't have to beg and plead).

Christmas and Birthdays were always a dissapointment, because no matter how greatful he is to receive a new jumper or pair of socks. All he wants is the unattainable.

So, he is and remains unsatisfied and slightly bitter.

The Second Stage of his life (The Middle Years) is when he is an Adult, he has money (hopefully) and deep down he hears the sound of the Small Boy he once was asking for all the things he couldn't have.

All those toys and gadgets that he wanted as a kid are now bigger, brighter, cleverer, more technical and aching to be owned by that little boy. And heck you do have that spare room, perfect for a Pool table.

The Man then acts as a Father figure (to himself as a boy) and buys these things, just because it's what the little kid would have wanted. Even though he doesn't need any of them!
He will Never admit this is true.

Women should understand this need. Girls, you can use it to your advantage. Treat the little boy and the Man will do anything for you.

What about the Third Stage? Well, I'm not there yet, but I have friends who are (Old People) who are surrounded by all this stuff they bought and can't remember what it's for.

They tell me that they probably shouldn't have bought all that pointless crap in the Second Stage. But it did seem to make them happy at the time, and now it's a collectable item and worth something and they are thinking about putting it on "Flog It" or maybe eBay. Then go on holiday with the proceeds.

What is the point, for gods sake?

If it makes you feel good, get it. It may seem like crap to other people, but they are not you. And when you are Old, you will have had your Fun and you will be able to sell it all at a Bootsale to some young bloke who is in his Second Stage (Or just give it to a Kid in his First Stage, and screw my Theory right up)

What makes you buy?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Las Vegas is a Trip Man

Last month my girlfriend and I went to Vegas, not on a whim you understand, it was pre arranged. A mixture of business, pleasure and all you can eat buffets. I thought I knew all about them, not what a mess they make of my insides. New York Steak, Donuts, Belgian Waffles, Pizza and a Banana for Breakfast soon loses it's appeal after the first few days. Boy did I enjoy it (Belch!).

We stayed at The Stratosphere, and did the rides up the top. You must do the Big Shot, 1100ft we were hurled at great speed upwards, it looked as though no building was below us and as we fell to Earth, we became weightless for a second and I thought I was going to die. You know when you get that flying dream as a kid, it's like that, only so much more gut wrenching.

I recommend it to anyone who has a death wish, without the death. My knees have only just stopped shaking and if you think I am a novice, let me tell you, I was brought up in Blackpool and spent my days on all the rollercoasters and rides you can imagine. So I am no soft touch, it must have been all those Buffets.

The Bellagio casino / hotel has a lake in front of it, just on the Strip. Every 15 minutes there is a water display, set to music. "YAWN" I thought, "how bloody boring, a fountain...yippee." WRONG, Wrong, wrong. We were Blown away. It's a MUST SEE, who ever designed it, I congratulate you, who ever programs it, you are a True Artist.

It's Like Fireworks, but with Water. Countless jets(I am sure they can be counted, but I didn't) of water, not piddly little jets, but huge Fire Department type water cannons, all perfectly timed to dance and move to Classical music, lighting and Booms and Crashes made the whole thing and event.
(Note to the Programmer: Any chance of a Drum n Bass tune for a change? Or a bit of Techno, just a thought) . Brilliant, I could have stood there all night, but it made me want to go and Pee.

Saw a show... I wanted to go a see Penn and Teller, the Magicians from Hell. But we were ushered to see a show called the Rat Pack at the Greek Isles. I don't mind a bit of Ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin makes me Laugh "I'm not an Alcoholic, I'm a Drunk... There's a difference, Alcoholics go to meetings, I just drink". I thought Sammy Davies Jr was great in the Cannonball Run, that's about all I know of him, one or two tunes and that's it, and then there is the other guy, Joey Bishop he was funny too. (Original Rat Pack Members)

The Tribute to the Rat Pack show was very good, the artists playing them did a great job. Though I found it a little longwinded and clicky.
Frankie did his best to sound like Blue Eyes, but found it hard to act like the cool dude Frankie was (and had to be) to control the rest of the nutters.
Dean was too much of a Caricature, I thought he would have made a good Elvis as his voice seemed suited to that kind of singing.
Joey was good in a Jackie Mason voiced, clowning kind of way. His gags were definatly of the time of the 60's and I would say that he had managed to tone down the gags without being too PC. He popped in and out wearing different silly outfits and certainly provided comic relief.
Sammy did the best impression of Old Goggle Eyes that I have seen, but his singing was absolutly Shocking. I needed earplugs. Sammy Davies Jr must have sung better than that.

All together they played their parts well and bounced off each other nicely, a good team, and not easy being someone else for 90 minutes I am sure. Even their Ad-Libs seemed like Ad-Libs, (they may have been once) they must get used nightly. I Laughed, though I was hoping for a singalong (so sue me).

The Big Band, wasn't that big, but they sounded great. And the Surprise Guest Marilyn was hilarious, though what she was doing with the Rat Pack was beyond me (But then, what do I know?). I would have liked to have seen Shirly MacLaine (grrr).

I give the whole show 7/10, If I was a fan I would have loved it even more.