Monday, February 28, 2011

Ponder wonder poem

I wrote this on my iphone after reading some tweets from people moaning about unimportant stuff. I hav'nt written a poem before, it just spilled out. So don't expect much.

Hope you Enjoy it.

"I sit here Pondering the enormity of it all.
Wondering what important task should go first.
Then looking out to space and feeling very small.
It's not like I have to walk for miles for water from a muddy hole.
No need to hunt for days on end, risking life and limb.
I get my food from a supermarket, the waste goes in the Bin.
My home is snug and warm thanks to Central Heating.
Not made of mud and straw, hot by day cold at night.
Flies that sting, Mosquitos that bring, deceases like Malaria or Denge Fever.
When I get a fever I get drugs from my doctor to make me feel better.
Not worried about my teeth or eyes, they get checked and sorted.
Being and illegal immigrant must suck when you get deported.
I don't have any worries, my problems are small.
It's the other folk I worry about who've got bugger all.
Can't complain, can't moan and groan, all is well in my home.
The picture is big, there's lots to see.
Not just moaning old farts like me, who are doing fine and just don't get it.
Wake up, look around and be thankful.
It's not you in the hut with your baby dying of hunger.
It's not you in the Earthquake looking for your brother.
It's not you being shot at, poisoned or bombed.

Shit, your life is better that you think, stop moaning, start living. See the world and be happy you're alright.

Stop tweeting about how your life is shite, it's not that bad.

So you have debts, your arm hurts a bit, you bleed a bit when you have a shit. Your nose is blocked, you can't sleep through the night. Your kids need new scooters or a mountain bike.
Your car is on HP, your Mortgage is massive.
You're doing ok, you're here another day.

It can end sooner that you think, in a blink, you'll sink off the brink. Plink.

Dead. No more. Gone.

No more moaning, whining, tweeting about your aches and ills.

So get up, rise up. Smile and be strong.

Sing or dance to your favourite song.

You are Alive more now, in this moment. More than ever before.

Enjoy, love, laugh, give, share it's the law. "

Chris P Taylor Feb 2011

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