Thursday, May 31, 2012

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I know it's been ages since I posted anything, Sorry Blog.

Lots has happened.

We moved home for one. My Dad came back from South Africa with Cancer of the Larynx and is in hospital now waiting for it to be removed, which is a massive thing to happen to anyone. The consultant tells us that he will be able to talk again, which is amazing without a voice box. As it is, he is without a voice now so the op should not only save his life, but give him back his speech.

Amazing what these Doctors can do, eh.

I've gone Professional again with my entertaining and do Adult shows as Chris Doc Strange the Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat at night and Kids parties in the day as Chrisptee Magic Mini Disco.

I'm writing my first book. It's kind of an autobiog/hypnotist memoirs sort of thing.

This post was because I have been promted to connect with Google+ so I have and now I'm doing something else.
Promise to write something soon.