Thursday, April 26, 2007

My mac and I

It has taken 25 years, but I figured that it was time I got a another mac.

My first mac was an Apple mac II, I had it during my first proper job and though it was amazing. But, I really didn't do much but work stuff and when I finally got my own computer, it was a PC. I couldn't afford a mac.

So since my first PC in 1998 (remember I have been traveling the World for 12 years previous) I never thought much about mac, apart from "what a pain in the ass it must be, not having all these great Windows programs"


Then mac got intel inside, that made me sit up and take more notice. I nearly got an iMac with all the bells and whistles last year, but I chickened out and got another PC. I felt like a coward, but rationalized that i was doing the right thing.

After all, I new my way round a PC and I didn't want to start learning all the weird mac stuff.

What a Chicken shit!

Unti Now, I did it. Last week in fact, and I am using it now. Typing this using Ecto.

I see now why iPods are so popular (I still don't have one, and don't want one. But that is only because I have never tried one). If people shared they're mac around like the do with the iPod, you know, instead of "Here, listen to this" it would be "Here, try this program" we would have a lot more mac users. And I can see why people who have a mac are the way they are...

The box arrived, I was excited and hoped that I would be able to make it work. I sat the box down and didn't open it for 5 hours, I was scared that it wouldn't be right after all. Like a mail order bride. The description sounds perfect, but they were only emphasising the positives and ignore the negatives. That sweet, intelligent and loving women ends up being some worn out, dodgy scrubber.

So the box stayed on the floor, I got on with work, but like a Ventrioquist dummy, I could hear the mac's muffled shouts "Let ne out, let ne out, let ne out"

The box didn't feel very heavy, for a laptop to be inside. There it sat, on my lap. I took a deep breath and with my knife, carefully cut through the tape and opened the box.

I was filled with a kind of reverence, I new this was a special moment and thought about taking a photo of it (but that would have spoilt it. Setting up the tripod, finding batteries for the camera, etc) for prosperity.

Greeted by grey foam, I though "mmm that stuff would be great for sound proofing" I put that to one side, in case I could find another 400 squares of the stuff.

There was more protective white stuff, I took my time. I didn't want to rush. I was enjoying the Smell too much.

You know like when you were a kid and used to get the big shopping Catalogues, they would smell new and freshly printed. Even now when I see a beautiful woman in sexy lingerie, I can smell catalogue. Is it just me?

I wanted to hold on to this moment, when I new I had somthing special, and was not yet dissapointed.

Out she came, my new lady friend. She has be female, she is beautiful. She may not be totally pure (I rescued her, she came "Refurbished") but she is to me. OK, there is some slight wear, but you would have to be a real picky twit to worry about the ever so slight marks on her gleaming white body.

She feels soft, yet firm. Smooth and cool. I new I could warm her up, heck I would get her Hot. Just not too hot I hoped. My last laptop used to get so hot it would iron my jeans.

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to press my finger on her button, I could hear her moan as she started to waken. Right from the box, she came with power. I was pleased, no, I was exstatic, when she looked at me. Begging me to play with her, she would light up in places I didn't know excisted.

She let me know when I put my fingers in the right place, showing me talents I wasn't aware of. The things she could do, I wanted to stay with her all night, I didn't want to got to bed, I could play with her in my room.

The attention to detail is what made me go wow. Everything from the Power supply having an extention, to the Track pad two finger scroll trick, the Sleep button that works and the battery having its own power indicator. Little things that all add up, I couldn't stop playng with her, but I had to, she was spent.

It had taken me 4 hours and 30 minutes to leave her gasping. It was time to give her what she need the most, so I got it out and had to figure out where to stick it, the power cable has an end that is magnetic and she found the place herself.

First the light on the plug was green then glowed orange to show that my beautiful mac is charging. So I let her rest, I would play with her again the next day.

It didn't take long, but I am seriously in love with this georgeous piece of tech. We know why it has taken so long for me to get one, but now really seems to be the right time.

PC's drive me insane, everything I hated about mine, doesn't seem to happen on my mac. This is what I needed, to be able to compute and have fun at the same time. I don't play games on either machine I mean work. I am enjoying working on my mac.

Not all of my programs are loaded on the mac, I think I am going to keep her light and fast. Use her for fun stuff, the PC can do the business stuff, the letters, receipts, invoices, email all that.
The mac can do my images, video, audio, blogging, email, surfing etc...

I was really stressed the last few weeks, I needed to chill out. I bought the mac because I was desperate. I am so glad I did.
My creative side is free once more. mac has changed my life, now I just have to break the news to my PC.

Just one thing, do I really need a .mac account?