Saturday, January 12, 2008

3rd Space fps gaming vest - CES 2008

get pounded on your oown terms. real feedback when shot or hurt.

Posted by ShoZu

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Panasonic 150 inch Plasma + 1" thick 50 HD Televisions - CES 2008

Panasonic really know how to do Plasma TV's, now that 50 inch is tasty, 1 inch thick, groovy.

But whats this round the corner?

OMG, its HUGE, I'd never get that in my House, never mind on the wall.

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Will the real Chris Taylor please stand up!

There I am, trying to figure out some complicated game, no clue what to do, shoving the guy to me aside complaining that I am too thick to play this bloody thing.
When I hear a voice exclaim "Not another Chris Taylor"
I said "I am aware of several Chris Taylors, one is a Comedy Writer, one is a Gay Porn star (I'm told), one is a Game Designer and the other is some knob end from the UK, which one are you?"
He said I had to guess (his show badge was reversed), "erm, You don't look like a porn star, though you do look a bit gay, say something funny... Nope you can't be the comedy writer, or the knob end from the uk, thats me, so you must be the game bloke. Seeing as we are at the CES, in a Gaming Lounge, stood next to a game with your name on it" You know, it's spooky, I could almost be related to Sherlock Holmes!

Now he thinks I'm a genius and I know for a fact he is a genius (read his bio).

Funny old world.

Shame he's not the writer though, I am desperate for some material!

Here's some more Chris Taylors

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BMW Sauber F1 Team doing Donuts at CES 2008

There's somthing about that F2 driver...

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Supernatural feat the Hip Hop Opera for Sandisk - CES 2008

Improve rap, dangerous breakdance, Oldskool beatbox & Turntablism.

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3rd Space FPS Gaming Jacket - CES 2008

First person shooters will never be the same, now you can feel the Bullets slamming into your body.

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Doc meets Rapper D.M.C - CES 2008

DMC, as in Run D.M.C, cool huh. I was stood gawking at some new gadgets, tuned to my right and looked up, I realised it was the man himself. Well chuffed.

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3rd Space FPS Gaming Jacket - CES 2008

This attractive jacket allows gamers to Feel when they have been shot, hit, stabbed and beaten. Great, play a game and come away black and blue.

It really feels as though you are being prodded wherever the damage is done in the game.

Made by TN Games, the 3rd space FPS jacket "Must be felt" to be belived.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Doc Strange Meets Penn & Teller in Vegas

After years of enjoying their shows on TV, I finally get to see live and meet the anarchic magicians
Penn & Teller
. They have their own theatre at the Rio casino in Las Vegas.
It seats around 1000, all veiwing angles are great, no blind spots, very plush, seats are comfortable too.

I thought $85 Dollars was a bit steep for a show, but when you consider how much other shows in Vegas are, it's the norm , I'd hoped to get some kind of Perfomers discount, no chance.

I had to get in theatre an hour before the show started, their warm up guy is called Mike Jones, he's a Jazz Pianist. Very good, if not slightly mental. I wondered if he was related to Spike Jones, certainly seemed that way.

Penn & Teller started their show with Teller coming out on Stage with his head encased in a block of concrete. He must have been drinking all night and woke up with a heavy head!

All kinds of tricks and illusions happend, nothing amazed me more than their wonderful use of misdirection.

From Dancing tissue paper to cups and balls with see through cups, a Book test using joke books to their knife throwing routine.

My favorite has to be the "Magic Bullet" illusion, mind blowing everytime. I'd like to think I have gto it figured out, but it would mean paying to see them again to confirm I'm right, and to be honest I'd rather believe in the magic.

Funny, Entertaining and Teller's version of "Misers Dream" is just beautiful and very Magical. Easily the most magical, effective and enjoyable of this rountine, ever.

Pay $95 for a VIP ticket (non left when I went) and you get a Program (worth $10!) and you get picked on to help in the show.


PS: Rio do a great Carnival World buffet too ($13.99 Midweek, $23.99 Saturday + TAX).
Make sure to get the "Whats on" magazine beforehand and theres a coupon for a Free 10oz Matured Aberdeen Angus Steak. Best steak Ive had since the one at the Luxor two years ago (that cost me $65!!)

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