Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Orb Base Station & The Orb Satellite

COMING SOON from the makers of Laserpod

Both the Orb Base Station and the Orb Satellite will operate in the same manner as the original Laserpod: Red Lasers, Blue LED's, Rotating Crystal etc...

The Orb Base

The major difference is non of the extras such as diffuser, domes etc and the body is made of plastic, so no expensive Aluminium shell. Instead you get adaptable cosmic lighting and an affordable price.

The Orb Base Station is an entirely practical solution, basically a frog eye housing offering multi directional projection and the capability of wall or ceiling mounting.

The Orb Satellite takes a more iconic form and stands on three antenna. The angle of projection can again be manipulated by varying the heights of each antenna. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the worlds first artificial satellite, the former Soviet Union's Sputnik, and this model is set to become an international best seller.

The Orb Satellite

The Laserpod Orb Base and Orb Satellite are expected to retail at £39.95 each and will be available in time for Christmas.

And as always, you will be able to order them directly from &