Thursday, May 04, 2006


"He who dies with the most toys wins" Right?

I'm not so sure anymore. I really think that I buy too much stuff I don't need. Like the Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse I got for my PDA. I used it 3 or 4 times, but it was more stuff to carry. So I gave up on it.

I knew I had to do something when I started taking a Bag out with me wherever I went.
Nothing would fit in my pockets. I was gettiung worse than (dare I say it) a Woman.

On the way out, my little girls were reminding me "Daddy, don't forget your Manbag"

What was in it:

Car Charger
Hands Free Kit
Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
3 Flashlights:
Led Lenser V Square
Surefire 6P
Striker VG
Spare Batteries
Pocket Radio
NC Headphones
Gerber Multitool
Fire Steel
Lip Salve
Vicks Inhaler
Paperback Novel
Write Light Pen
Drivers Licence
Bag of Pistacios
Bottle of Water
Bunch of Keys

Until my girls started calling it my Manbag, I had no idea I was turning girl guide.

I have dumped the bag and accessories.

So now, I just carry My XDA2s, Gerber and V Square. I feel so much lighter and I don't miss any of the other things.

I Improvise.

Car Charger (I use the phone less)

Hands Free Kit (if the phone rings while I am driving, I Ignore it! Really, I do. It's amazing I know. I mean the nerve of me. Ignoring a trivial call while I am driving a killing machine, how rude)

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (I use the Built in Keyboard, who would have thought of that. Me, that's who. I'm as sharp as a tack me.)

Spare Batteries
(Nah, My V Square is a super LED flashlight. It's low power consumption is legendary. If the batteries run out, then I've been gone too long and I'm screwed anyway)

Pocket Radio
(I whistle)
NC Headphones (I stick my fingers in my ears if the noise is too much)

Fire Steel (Why would I need to start a fire the bushcraft way? I will just ask someone for a light)

Lip Salve (I've stopped licking my lips. If they do get dry I'll use some butter. Just pop into any cafe and swipe some on the way to the bathroom)

Vicks Inhaler (If my nose gets stuffy, I will just have to blow it, hard)

Tissues (I will use the napkins I got from the cafe along with the butter)

Paperback Novel (I'll read witty slogans on the tshirts of passers by)

Sunglasses (I'm an Optomist, not an Optomotrist - If its bright, I'll Squint)

Write Light Pen (I have a torch, and nothing to write about. So that can stay at home. I can always borrow a pen)

Passport (I'm not going anywhere, I'm not on the Run, am I?)

Drivers Licence (I have never had to show it to any offical, but I have had to use it when hiring a Car from AVIS who charged me £68 online to hire a car in Portugal and told me there would be nothing more to pay. Then found out that I had been charged an extra £101 for a Litre of Fuel, after I had returned the car with a full tank. They say they are looking it to it. I say I will stick with the small companies from now on. When in Spain, I used Record Go and they were great.)

Bag of Pistachios (Ah, Nuts. I will have to do without. Or find some stray acorns and cover them in Salt, yes from that Cafe)

Bottle of Water (Find a Tap or a puddle)

Gum (I'll just chew my tongue)

Bunch of Keys (There is always someone in, I'll just knock. My car uses just one key, so I'll make do that one)

Now I just have to sort out that Junk Drawer in the Kitchen. Where did all the stuff come from, and will I ever need it?...