Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fenix Cree Flashlights vs Surefire Xenon & Maglight Krypton

Want to see the Fenix flashlights compared to a Surefire Z2 or 3D Cell Maglite? Watch the Movie clip.

I have so many customers asking "how bright are the Fenix compared to other flashlights and each other, so here you go. Take a look at see for yourself!

I ran out of time, so here's more about the L2DCE and the Striker VG Mk3

Go Go GlowGadgets

Phew, I was getting worried there.
Everything is fine, at last.

The site has been running for a week now and it was a little shock to the system,
new cart, new epos system, adding products (more to be added) links not working, search listings buggered up. All that.

Anyway, the orders are coming in now that the site has all the Secure certificates and payment methods sorted. PayPal will be added in a few weeks and maybe even Google Checkout.

For now Protx is doing a stirling job, as are my team of developers (thanks guys: Tom, Neil, Mark, David and the Unknown web hermit).

My customers have been giving great feedback, thanks everyone... That reminds me, I haven't mentioned the winner of the Fenix P3DCE. Oops...

The Kapasi Family are the winners. Well, not all of them, only the one.

Have a great bank holiday and don't get stuck in traffic.