Saturday, January 05, 2008


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Late Night, Early Start...

didn't take to long to get to the airport, I should have gone to bed early though. still, I should sleep on the plane. ha ha, I say that every time. plenty of geeks knocking round the place, wonder where they're going?

Posted by ShoZu

Friday, January 04, 2008

CES 2008 Pictures & Movies

All images and movies I take will be online as soon as I take em.

Visit Flickr for all the CES pics and YouTube for the Movies

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gadget Bag Packing, two days to go til Vegas

OK, I'm still testing everything here, making sure I don't take more than I need.

Last time I went to Vegas I had a massive suitcase full of crap I didn't need.

This time I.m just taking hand luggage. No big case for me.

Heck I travelled the world with nothing more than a rucksack, what the hell is wrong with me lately, I pack everything I need and more.

I've had enough, this time I'm going light.

One bag, barely full.

What have a decided on thus far?, thanks for asking, I'll tell you.

My MacBook, Pentax Optio S5i (getting on a bit, but works a treat), Kaiser, AV500 (well I love my movies), Fenix P2D 100 & L0D 80, Jeans x 2, T-shirts x 3, Jacket, Boots, Socks x 3, Boxers x 3, Spare Glasses & Contacts (disposable), Memory cards, Reader, Charger, Powermonkey, travel adapter, tolietries (toothbrush, paste and smelly stuff) & a good book (preferably a lightweight paperback.

Looks a lot written down, Im sure it will be fine...


I know I'll come back with more though!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hydrogen Technology

Imagine using water as a means to power your car.

Just water, nothing else. WTF?

Check this out, I am slightly lost for words.

Check out the website
, tell me its true, I just can't seem to get my head around this one.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Start of somthing Beautiful

Breathe in deeply and enjoy the stale smell of beer, farts & fireworks.
Wonderful, the DT's are finally settling down and the head is starting to clear.

So this is 2008 eh?
Bring it on

(after I've had a lie down)

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Happy Newt Year

Yesh I am quite drunk, so what has it to do withh youu?
I am just wishing you an vwey happy newt yeat and and a lovely something.

How mushc did I have do tdink>?

Fyck iyt, I am goinmh yo bed, you lut gave domne my head it an finys time for a sleep, goodnighty.

Love Doc,

XXx Mwa Mwa Mwaa Xxx

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