Monday, April 07, 2008

Company Trademarks - Unintentional Uses

You know, when a company with a trade name contacts me by sending a letter, (usually a sheet of paper and a second class stamp.) It had better be important, I have an email address your know.

I got one today from the Corporate Councel of a Thermal Flask company, sent by FedEx (Extremly Urgent) from Rolling Meadows, IL, USA. Telling me not to use their trade name.

I had no idea their tradename was even in the Copy of this product (Brugo).
Fair enough, If they don't want me to use it, no worries.


This Letter used 4 sheets of paper, 1 envelope & a Cardboard envelope PLUS had travelled 3865 Miles by Plane, Train & Automobile (Actually, you can double this as a copy was also sent to my Registered Office too!) They had to pay extra for the speedy, signed for delivery and someone to type it out (and print out the web shots of my pages)

All they had to do was drop me an email and say
"Hello Doc, you're using our trade name, could you stop it please? Unless you would like to sell our insulated flask & travel mug products, then we would be happy to supply you."

Heck, I would have been pleased to hear from them, I've liked their products for years, I used to think they made great stuff.

A bit of Advice though. Next you want me, email, call or text. I'm a very helpful guy, and this was the wrong way to do things. I have feelings you know.

Yes, OK, it got the name off my website, but come on. You had only to ask and think if what you would have saved.

So much for your company having Zero Carbon Emmisions this year huh!.

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