Monday, August 18, 2008

Wifi Hotspot Finder Watch - DEMO -

At a press of the button the Wifi hotspot finder watch seeks out the nearest wireless hotspot and shows you the signal strength of what is available.


" It's functional, attractive, lightweight, waterproof, useful, very reasonably priced and does exactly what it says on the tin."
I'll give it 10/10

• Watch Features: Chronograph. Countdown. Alarm. Hourly Chime. Dual Time. Lap Memory.
• Wifi Detection
• Detects interference intensity of 2.4ghz signal
• Detects AP stations over 100 metres outdoors
• Anti-static and Shock Proof
• 100 Metres Water-Resistant


Save Net Radio - Save Pandora

Started listening to Pandora in the early Noughties, and it opened up a World of music that I wouldn't have known I'd loved.
For me, Pandora was an Education as well as enjoyment. Never having to listen to vacuous DJ's drivel on about nothing and without  annoying adverts was also a massive plus.
My taste in music was moulded and I went out and bought the music when I knew I loved it.
Pandora gave listeners a chance to find what they liked, then buy it. Just like the Vinyl Sound booths we used to have in the record shops, this times I could takes as long as I liked to find out what I wanted.
When I buy something, I usually get the chance to try it out first, then take it homes and if I don't like it, or it breaks, Take it back.
Pandora gave me the opportunity to try it out and I always bought something.
Since Pandora was refused to anyone outside the US, I have been lost. I have gone back to NO MUSIC when I am at my desk, which, working from home can be 14 hours a day.
Pandora gave me variety, surprises and at times just cheered me up.
Music is created by a person so it can be heard, then suits came along and as with everything they asked "How can we profit from this?" And so the talentless suck the life out of the Talented.
Every musician I know would be glad to give their music away if it meant more people could enjoy it and they would be appreciated/recognised. If they hit the big time then people would be happy to PAY to see them PLAY and buy merchandise etc. Nothing wrong in that.
This beautiful World of ours is being RAPED buy Greedy Corporations in the name of all that is Good for You, and now, they are taking away our simple pleasures for profit too.
F**k em I say, turn the radio off, turn the TV off, sing your own songs and communicate with your fellow man, least we forget how to. Go back to live entertainment. Take those sodding earphones out and hum your own tune.
Grr, I'm losing it. All because I lost the love of my life (after my family) Pandora.
Pandora, where the only thing left for humanity was HOPE.
Pandora, where the music played would do so much more for the artist than without.
I've seen radio go from playing for the love of it, to complete commercialisation. Pandora is a Beacon of Hope. Long live Pandora, long life Artistic Freedom.
Help Save Net Radio, PLEASE.

Love, Light, Magic & Laughter