Thursday, August 03, 2006

t:Clock tshirt - Digital Clock on your Chest

t:Clock T-Shirt

t:Clock digital time tshirt

Enlarge t:Clock

5 Things you need to know about the t:Clock NOW

1/ The EL Panel Measures 188mm x 88mm & is Stitched to the T-Shirt

2/ The Battery Pack uses 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

3/ Available in Small, Medium & Large Sizes

4/ Must be Hand Washed Only & Ironed Only Around Panel and Wires (or they'll melt)

5/ You will Stand out like a Sore thumb wearing it, so it's no good if your shy.

t:Clock digital clock flashing

Enlarge Panel


"I like this tshirt a lot, the panel is smaller than the one on the T-Qualizer, so it is even less sweaty. Though the Battery pack is bigger, and a little heavier than its counterpart. So it does tend make the tshirt droop a bit when its sat in the pocket. So the best place for the battery pack is on the belt.

Time setting is as easy as a regular clock, it has a SET button though it is called MENU and an ADJUSTMENT Button to Change the numbers, first SECONDS then MINUTES, then the HOURS.


The Stopwatch function is pretty funky, you just hit the SECOND button, and STOPWATCH is ready, press it again and it starts. Press it again and the Stopwatch stops. Press again and it reverts back to the Clock.

The wires inside the tshirt do feel a bit weird (on both shirts) but once you get used to them being there, it's no problem. Afterall this is no ordinary tshirt.

The display can be switched off and it still keeps time, while saving batteries. I am told the run time is 12 hours, it may be longer, it may not. It will last a night out thats for sure, as long as you use decent Alkaline Batteries

Even when the Clock is switched off, the shirt looks cool (I think so) as the panel is Very Cyber and Looks great in UV light. Even in daylight it is a bright neon green panel (that looks like a circuit board).

Out Clubbing, at the Pub, Down Tesco's or at your Friends Granny's Wake, you are going to stand out. Just dont get paranoid when people you talk to keep checking their watch. Your'e Not Boring them, they are just checking the Time!"

You can Buy the t:Clock at


t:Clock T-Shirt from the Makers of the Famous T-Qualizer.


It's a Digital Clock on your tshirt and a fully functional Stopwatch. The t:Clock is an EL panel sewn into the tshirt and glows bright light green, keeping accurate time.


The t:Clock can be switched off to save batteries and displays the correct time when turned on again.

t:Clock EL panel bagged

Enlarge T-Shirt

The Circuit board display adds to the effect and looks great on or off. The Panel is UV reactive and looks amazing under a black light too.

Batteries Not IncludedTick Tock

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