Thursday, August 31, 2006

Driving me insane

Its no good, I have to get out of the office. The phone is ringing non stop, customers asking about the Dareway. Here are the answers everyone wants, make up your own question... (and I thought having a freephone number was a good thing!)

+ Yes, I have sold out of Dareway
+ It goes about 5mph
+ No you don’t need a license
+ yes its for kids
+ yes its 12V
+ yes it is Guaranteed
+ yes Streetgliders are adjustable
+ yes you can use Solo Electron
+ no you can’t use Amex
+ no you can’t do your shopping on them
+ yes I am Doc
+ no I don’t want to buy advertising
+ yes I dispatch same day
+ yes I can take your order
+ yes I want your money (and custom)
+ we don’t have a sales department
+ yes my monkey loves suet
+ no my barnacles aren't polished
+ yes I can gargle peanut butter
+ why, pink of course
+ inside out and upside down
+ slightly rounded with a hard shell
+ long yet satisfying
+ you should have gone to specsavers
+ you can do it, if you b&q it
+ more reasons to shop at...
+ what has a hazelnut in every bite?
+ I know you needed a wee, I can see that
+ get down off that table
+ have looked inside your ears?
+ does my mum look big in this
+ what is the point
+ what you looking at
+ stressed out? Have a barclays.

Ho hum...

There is only so much crap I can type on my phone with one finger before I get pains.
at least I have calmed down now. Cummon, bring it on :o)

Full time customer service people, I salute you. BTW, nearly all the answers are on the website. Go figure...