Thursday, January 10, 2008

Will the real Chris Taylor please stand up!

There I am, trying to figure out some complicated game, no clue what to do, shoving the guy to me aside complaining that I am too thick to play this bloody thing.
When I hear a voice exclaim "Not another Chris Taylor"
I said "I am aware of several Chris Taylors, one is a Comedy Writer, one is a Gay Porn star (I'm told), one is a Game Designer and the other is some knob end from the UK, which one are you?"
He said I had to guess (his show badge was reversed), "erm, You don't look like a porn star, though you do look a bit gay, say something funny... Nope you can't be the comedy writer, or the knob end from the uk, thats me, so you must be the game bloke. Seeing as we are at the CES, in a Gaming Lounge, stood next to a game with your name on it" You know, it's spooky, I could almost be related to Sherlock Holmes!

Now he thinks I'm a genius and I know for a fact he is a genius (read his bio).

Funny old world.

Shame he's not the writer though, I am desperate for some material!

Here's some more Chris Taylors

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