Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pure Digital Radio Plan WiFi

Had a nice chat the other day with a man from Pure. You know the folks who make crackin DAB radios, the Evoke, Elan, The Bug, Legatto etc..

He tells me that we can expect to see WiFi being added to the range in the 3Q of 2007.

What does this mean, i'll tell you:

Internet Radio Streamed around your home, that's what. Yes, it is being done now with the likes of A&E, Goodmans etc but not what Pure have in mind.

All the ReVu features of the Elan, also with input/output for streaming to and from another Radio. Do you get me?

Pure Radio in Bedroom with MP3 player connected streaming sounds to Radio in Garden. Or whatever you want to plug in.

Like a Slim Devices set up, without the layout. Just add £30 per radio for the wifi.

Now that would almost make me want a DAB radio.
Or would I wait for a Worldspace Satellite radio or a Digital Radio Mondiale Shortwave Receiver. Hmmn?

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