Thursday, January 11, 2007

Robosapian's pet Panda

Robosapian's pet Panda
Originally uploaded by glowgadgets.
This little dude is a seriously demented Panda. It senses movement, touch, speech etc and tells weird hippy stories about being in space and flying up and down. He says he likes it when you play with him...

Just what every kid needs, a psycotically deluded pet to keep them quiet.

Great fun and a real laugh, can't wait to se the finished product!

Its those wacky folks at Wow Wee that are to blame, bless em, they're all quite potty you know!

They also brought us the singing Elvis head, who is nothing more than the chimpanzee head in disguise with a sound track.

They did have a remote control flying dragonfly that looks amazing.

I will add some movies of them in action when I return.

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