Thursday, May 17, 2007

Downtime and Headaches

First the new site is running, then it isn't.
On and off, never knowing when or if its staying.

The technical help say it's just a glitch, seems my site is putting a bit more strain on the sytem than expected. They are moving my site to a diferent server that can do the job better.

I hope so, I've had no online orders for the last two days. Midweek is always quiet, but not dead.

Just to keep an eye on the site I am using WebSitePulse who are monitoring my website at a very resonable rate, Zero, Nada, Nothing.

the first month is Free and there is No Limits to how you use the site in that time. Websitepulse like to proove they can do a great job before they take payment. And they have a very scaleable solution to monitoring your website Uptime, Downtime, Usability etc

Customer service is great so far, I got a reply to a question in 5 minutes from Polly, friendly, helpful and if they continue to impress me, I can see me signing up after my first free month.
Is currently running fine, orders are not coming through though.
The checkout seems OK to me, but maybe I have missed somthing.

If you have a minute, please take a look and let me know if its anything I have missed, thanks.

Back to work, I have lots of new products to add to the site, so I'd better crack on.
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