Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bar 24 PA's

The Bar 24 PA's
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Right, I am offically pissed. That drunk to you yanks.

Tonights show was HOT. The temp I mean, phew, but what a great show.

Everyone is buzzing, including me. Can't wait till tomorrowa show, I just have tp get some sleep. Don't want to seem like a pussy, but I have been awake so long and had one to many Bacardi and cokes, its not funny.

The bar owner Vasilli is over the moon. Let's face it he's a top bloke' flying me out here with no idea what would happen. The people he has working for him, love him. For good reason, he see's them right.

If you come to Faliraki, visit bar 24, have a drink, eat a great meal and then have a splash in the pool (see next pic)

Do I go early to sleep or stick around for a few hours and miss the lovley sunshine tomorrow?

Oh, just found out about the free barbeque!

Bye for now

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