Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bluetooth Headsets - Can't live with em, can't make em last!

Who the hell is responsible for making bluetooth headsets?

I've gone through 4 of them in the last 12 months, all exept the one that just vanished have broken within days.

The culprit, the Ear loop.

Nothing wrong with the headset, works perfectly, only thing is I can't attach it to my head unless I use Duct tape & a six inch nail.

The first to go was the Siemens, lastest me the longest (a month) but when the ear loop went (bit of plastic clippy round thing attached to a rubber hook), there was nothing I could do but retire it to a drawer.

Then there was the Jabra, cute thing, rubber ear loop (that slipped into a hole that kind of rotated), took it out of my pocket and the loop had snapped. So much for the rubber, it was encased a very fragile metal.

Third was the Plantronics (Looked like a torpedo, about the same size too), got it from Vodafone for Free and it was the most comfortable and worked like a dream, for two days. Never seen it since.

Finally, while at the CES in Vegas and I see a Jawbone stand offering a Free Jawbone headset if you can give in your old one. Only to happy to oblige, I borrowed a claw hammer and popped the Jabra off the side of my head after peeling away the duct tape. Result, nice new, noise cancelling Headset, for Free.

Over the moon.

To be fair, even though it was given to me, and it is a very cool BT headset.
It bloody well broke today (after 11 days).

For heavens sake, the earloop has snapped and flush with the body of the headset.

So now I have to try and poke the snapped bit of metal out of the hole and use one of the other spare earloops (thanks Jawbone, at least You thought of that, spare earloops & shaped earpieces)

What am I supposed to do, walk round with the sodding thing on my ear all the time to protect it, is it not safe in my pocket, why are these things so fragile?

Where am I supposed to keep it? Hung round my neck?


Someone has got to have had similar problems, or is it just me?
Maybe I such a complete dick that I shouldn't be allowed within a hundred yards of a Blue tooth earpiece. I should get a restraining order slapped on my head "No BT Headset is safe near this idiot"

OK, I'm gonna try and fix it...

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