Friday, September 19, 2008

LED LENSER P7 Review by Vaughan Williams

A good customer of mine wrote this about the New Led Lenser P7 torch and compared it to his other torch the Fenix TK10.

I love hearing from my customers about the products they get from me, and how they get on, I hope you enjoy his little review as did I.

"This is a good light and more practical than the TK10 for general security work.  Having an adjustable spot to flood control that can be operated single-handed is very useful on internal and external patrol routes in poorly or non-lit zones.  (Increasing power costs and carbon footprint awareness are making reduced lighting more of a norm)


I found the higher power mode more useful than the lower power but low power flood will provide plenty of light for writing notes onto clipboards (for instance) without dazzling yourself.  The P7 is a little heavier and larger than the TK10.  It has much less side spill than the TK10 and therefore it produces a spot that appears the more powerful.

The P7 has two power modes but, so I found out, when the momentary switch is pushed it over-drives to about 130% which brings the total lumen output to near the same as the TK10 in turbo mode.  Release the switch and it reduces to either the standard low or high power setting depending on the switch cycle.  Therefore, for power fetishists, the P7 is the equal of the TK10 in terms of output and it has a tighter focus making it the brighter.

A set of AAA batteries are more likely to be had at an all night fuel station than a set of the more costly CR123a cells if you were to be caught out of juice.  The P7’s AAAs should last longer too.

The TK10 feels more like a tank than the P7 and because of this and the crenulated head it would make for a better defensive weapon if the going ever gets tough.  So, if your work tends to be similar to Jack Bauer’s with fire-fights to do and lots of hand to hand conflict scheduled in then go for the TK10 but if like me the main hazards of your job tend to be clouting your head or tripping over unseen obstacles and the main purpose is to do security checks in safety then go for the P7.

Er, I carry a TK10 on my belt too - because, well, you never know, do you?"

Do you have something to say about any of my products or service? Good or Bad, I'd like to read it.

Thanks again to Vaughan.

Led Lenser P7

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