Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Philips LED's are getting Brighter

I have always said "Philips invent it, Sony improve it"

I wonder if that is true these days, I mean Sony have come up with a lot of goodies, PSP, PS1, 2 & 3, Mylo, Rolli (whatever that's about) Aibo, Blue ray etc

But since the Compact Disc, what has Philips been doing? Read my other posts to find out.

One thing they've been up to, is working with Light, which to my mind is a lot more useful hat a robot dog, though maybe less cute.

The latest product from the Philips stable is the Light Blossom.

Environmentally friendly Street lighting that looks like a flower and is both Solar & Wind powered, uses LED lights to dim when no one is around and when folks walk by, it gets much brighter, just where you are.


I can't wait to see these on my street.

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