Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Upgrade Your Webslang To Web 2.0 (Technology & Cars: Social Networking)

This video came out 2 years ago, I've only just seen it and sadly, it's more true than ever.

The probelm is similar to that of the CB radio of years gone by.

As new people came on the CB, they listened and learned from the people using it at the time. In the beginning it was people who respected the technology and the abbility to speak to new people across town, county, country or World, depending on "How big your Twig was" (the size of your Antenna), "How many Wellies you were Chucking" (The amount of power being produced by your Transmitter) and if you were using a Sidebander or Foot and Mouth (Single Side Band, SSB or Frequency Modulation, FM as your choosen method of Transmission)

Then, as people died off or got board with the Muppets, Planks, Phantom Keyers, Bucket Mouths and CBDJS more people came with the idea that this was the norm.

And so, Muppet begat Muppet.

Thus, CB radio became a sad place to be and as such, died out.

I wonder if this is the same thing, people using slang and phrases that really should have died out post dial up and yet, here we are in the same boat.

This video and a few others by the same folks at Videojug seem to be a Portent that we should listen to, on the Internets will become an even bigger cess pit that it is now.

Just sayin.

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