Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestlé don't want you to see the video above, because they complained to Youtube that we were infringing their copyright. Youtube removed the video but now we'd like to offer it to you, as a gift. Download the video and put it on your favourite video sharing site. The more people who join in, the more interesting we'll make it for Nestlé.

And we all like a break, so it's time to give orang-utans one. Nestlé uses palm oil in Kit Kat and many other products which is bought from suppliers that destroy rainforests in Indonesia to grow their plantations.

As a result, threatened species like orangutans are being pushed into extinction and huge quantities of greenhouse gases are being released, accelerating climate change.

Nestlé have so far refused to stop buying palm oil from the worst suppliers, so it's time to make them change their minds.

Write to CEO Paul Bulcke to demand they act responsibly and cease trading with companies that are destroying Indonesia's rainforests.


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