Friday, February 04, 2011

Learn Hypnosis from a Self Proclaimed Master.

Attention mind Freaks.

I will be starting an amazing new course for anyone who wants to learn hypnosis and mind control, I shall entitle it:

"How to be a friendly twat".

Only 537 places available for this amazing 3.25 minute lesson to be held at the Ramadadada Inn, Cairo. Date to be arranged. Probably after the weekend.

Learn the following:
"Telling people what to do"
"Being Smug"
"How to bullshit like a pro" "instant inductions with root vegetables"
And my personal favourite "cuntwattrification" Also "staring at your palms" may be included if we can get the razors.

With useful insights into:
"Crowd control" with General Abdul Muhawke of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Book your place within this lifetime and get the recycled pamphlet "Well, everyone else is selling out, why not me" absolutely free. --- Update---

Places have now sold out, loser. Next course will be held for a million Egyptian pounds in Lowerstoft, some time in May.

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If you want a comedy hypnotist for your event or party, call Chris Doc Strange. If you don't sound like a mental, and you have money, he might help you make it a success.


"He puts the Fun in FundaMental"

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