Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Happened at the Movies at Kids AM

Kids AM at VUE Cinemas used to be a great way to take all the kids to the Movies on a wet Saturday morning.

First come first served for Only 95p each!

You'd have to get there before 10am for a 10.30am Start or you'd end up sitting right at the front on the beanbags and getting a stiff neck.

We'd watch people coming in at 10.15am and it would be a mad rush to get the last seats.

There would be groups of kids who had made the outing themselves to see a movie before shopping at the Mall with their spending money, probably grabbing a 99p burger too.

Good fun and affordable.

It was great, we've been loads of times and took our friends kids too, proper outing to the movies that was affordable
(as long as you stayed away from the Snacks that are priced as if we were at the last motorway services for a thousand miles)

Don't get me started about the overpriced VIP Seating, uncomfortable and cold leather seats that take up more room than normal seats and so seat less people for more money. What Genius thought that one up. Yes, they are always the last to be sold, at a premium and whoever sits in them does so and grumbles.

Anyway,  over the last few weeks, Something odd happened, we'd get there early & it would be sold out.

Turns out people are Booking online & paying the £0.70p Per Ticket booking fee. If there is four of you, that's £2.80 extra.

OK, I agree that is still very cheap for a movie, but this is what annoys me: What about that kids who want to go to the movie with their friends and have a Saturday movie without Grownups pestering them?

As a kid, going to the Movies myself was a very big thing for me and the thought of asking a grown up to Book online and pay nearly double the ticket price is totally ruining the idea of KIDS AM.

(Lookout, I'm about to sound like a granddad: We'd pay 50p get two movies and a disco. Plus the popcorn was actually made on the premises. Can you believe they now buy them by the binliner)

Kids AM is supposed to be for Kids. One adult taking as many kids as possible, or just kids to a movie. I've seen groups of 3 adults and 1 kid.

Come on VUE, this is supposed to be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
Booking online takes the fun out of it.

We'd say if we couldn't be there before 10am there was no point in going.

Now, there's just No Point.

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