Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moov Now Fitness Trainer and Tracker Available for Pre Order

Moov Now Fitness Trainer and Tracker Available for Pre Order

I first saw Moov at the CES in Las Vegas, I was impressed, but doubtful they could be so good. So I waited to see what would happen when they were released into the wild.

The first generation Moov, fitness trainer and tracker had amazing reviews, I just wanted a little bit more functionality, like Sleep monitoring. Now the 2nd gen, Move Now has everything I wanted and more.

As there is a 40% discount on pre-orders, I've ordered two. One for my leg, one for my wrist for amazing accuracy and a 6 month battery life on each charge! Swim proof too. Can't wait till they arrive.

One works just fine, if you just want to keep it simple.

Two of them, plus UK delivery is less than half price of the most popular fitness tracker out there at the moment. They cost me £76 with current rates. I have yet to see what the import charges are, if any.

Possibly 20% import duty, which would make them £45 each for a fitness trainer and tracker that I can use away from my phone, in the pool, on my bike, while running (I'm not a runner), Boxing and other cardio.

(Get one now using my link and I get $5, every purchaser gets to share and earn.)


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