Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I lost my iPhone Today, then found it again. Phew.

I'm very relieved to have found my phone after running around like a man possessed trying to find it.

I got a great case to protect it and since having this case I have dropped the phone 5 times. Before having the case I hadn't dropped it once. So its a good thing the Otterbox Defender really does protect the iPhone from drops, dirt and mishaps.

Though it does'nt help that I got the Black case (read that as "Invisible to a Blint Twat like me") and couldn't see where I had dropped it. The belt clip seemed a good idea at first, its not as grippy as I would have liked, everytime its been dropped, its becase its fallen out of the holder. Yes, it was facing the right way, screen to hip. Anyway, I had no idea where it was. I called the phone but it was out of reach.

Was it at the school, on the road, in the class room, under the seat of my car, god where is it?

Thinking that some evil wizzzkid was at that moment hacking it to my trusty 3GS and finding pictures of my dick and other such blackmail material.

Luckly I found the phone under a bunch of flowers and the pictures were safe, if not purely imaginary.

Though they could have been real, but if I ever want to see the little feller, I only.. Well, I don't need a picture put it that way. I'm not that fat.
When I get so big I can't see it, I'll rely on memory as it what it looks like, god help me.

Mmm, maybe I should take some pictures of it, for the future, just in case..

If only the iPhone 3GS had a decent camera...

And a Macro Lens.

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